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Love Ability

Did you know that the amount of love that you receive from other people has absolutely nothing to do with how 'lovable' you are?

If other people struggle to love you as you are, that is a reflection of them and not you. It has nothing to do with your 'lovability,' and everything to do with the other person's ability to love.

If your parents or grandparents withheld love, that was a reflection of their own lack of capacity. It had nothing to do with how worthy or deserving you were of their love.

If you are still carrying the sting of being dumped or rejected, please remember that it had nothing to do with how lovable you were. They simply lacked the ability to love in the way that you needed or deserved.

You do not ever need to do anything differently or be any different than you are in order to access more love.

Your lovability is inherently, unconditionally absolute. You are as lovable and worthy right now as you were on the day that you came into this world.

Another person's lack of love ability is never a reflection of your 'lovability.'

You are 100% whole, worthy, and infinitely lovable. You always have been. You always will be.

No need to go chasing after love from those who simply lack the capacity and ability to offer it to you.

Instead, why not try increasing your own capacity and ability to offer unconditional love to yourself?

That is a skill that you will never regret cultivating.

Bonus: When you increase your ability to love yourself, you are actually increasing your overall love ability.

This will radiate into all of your other relationships and interactions. The overall result is that you get to experience feeling more love more often. Who doesn't want that?

Love always feels good. It's a win-win situation.

For more insight on this topic and how to increase your overall ability to generate more love for yourself, be sure to check out Episode 9 of the Podcast!

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