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Personal Bill of Rights

Have you ever tried drafting your own personal Bill or Rights?

The first 10 amendments to the American Constitution are commonly referred to as The Bill of Rights. This document outlines the citizens' rights in relation to their government and spells out their protections. Likewise, drafting a Personal Bill of Rights for yourself can help you to identify how you will allow yourself to be treated in relation to the people and world around you. It can also be a powerful way to reconnect with how you want to behave in relation to yourself.

I have completed this activity multiple times throughout my years of therapy and personal development work. Some phrases seem to stay the same across the years and others seem to come and go, depending on the stage of life I find myself in. Currently, my Personal Bill of Rights consists of the following reminders...

My Bill of Rights - 2023

  • I am allowed to take up space in the world.

  • I am allowed to exhibit pain and weakness.

  • My emotions do not have to make sense to anyone else.

  • It's ok for me to need space and time to myself.

  • I do not have to take responsibility for the feelings, actions, and behaviors of other people.

  • I am allowed to need other people and ask for help.

  • I have the right to prioritize my own safety needs.

  • I am allowed to fail, apologize, and try again.

  • I am allowed to lean into my own internal knowing.

  • I am allowed to pursue my own peace and joy.

  • I have the right to change and grow.

  • I am allowed to love myself without condition.

  • I have the right to say NO when I do not have the capacity.

  • I am allowed to disappoint other people - even the ones that I deeply care about.

  • I have the right to rest.

  • I am allowed to have priorities that don't align with anyone else.

  • I am allowed to be a human with needs.

Often, as adults, we forget that we no longer require permission from any outside authority to believe certain things or act in certain ways. A Personal Bill of Rights is an incredible way to reclaim your own authority and give yourself explicit permission to be treated in the ways that you deserve. Once you acknowledge the rights that you want to claim for yourself, you will be much more empowered to uphold and protect what you deserve.

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